Solar Ready Buildings - is India ready for them

Posted: April 11, 2020,

What are “Solar Ready Buildings”?

Its a terminology used to describe the mandate being brought about by government bodies to ensure that new houses & buildings have necessary provisions to make it easier for solar installations. Few examples of such rules:

  1. Roof can handle additional load due to solar panelling - this would be relevant to godowns that typically use metal sheet roofing
  2. Sufficient space in the electric switch board to accommodate solar meters & additional panels
  3. Obstruction free space on the roof large enough to house required solar panels. Examples of such obstructions include elevated platforms for water tanks, A/C fans on top of apartments and office buildings

Such regulations have been already introduced in the cities of Orlando (Florida), Tucson (Arizona) & St. Louis (Missouri) in USA. It needs to be seen which government bodies in the India will be the first to introduce this mandate.

You might ask, “aren’t the central & state governments giving incentives such as BESCOM’s Soura Gruha Yojane or preferred feed-in tariff rates? Wouldn’t such measures suffice?” Think of Solar Ready Building requirements as one of the more stringent levers in the governments’ toolkit to enforce more solar installation. This can be better understood by looking the following progressive scale:






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