What is community solar?

Posted: February 10, 2021,

What is community solar:

A community solar project is a solar power plant whose electricity is shared by more than one property.


Purpose of community solar:

The primary purpose of community solar is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power even if they cannot or prefer not to install solar panels on their property. Project participants benefit from the electricity generated by the community solar farm, which costs less than the price they would ordinarily pay to their utility.

Benefits of community solar:

  • Savings: Subscribers commitments provide the support to get the project built, and in return, they receive credits on their utility bills. Where electricity bill need not to be paid or they have to pay very less amount to the electricity board.
  • Access: Eligibility to community solar is not limited to those who can own the equipment – in particular, renters or students or those in housing communities can all participate in a project, support renewable energy and save money.
  • Flexibility: Residents who don’t have own houses can also participate, subscribers can easily transfer their subscription to their new home or they can most often cancel their subscription with notice.

Current scenarios of community solar:

  • In communities such as villas people who are interested in solar but would not like to install it on their rooftop because of architectural designs and elevation problems because it would change the look of their home. Such people can pool money and install solar in vacant places within their community.
  • Solar can be installed at rooftop of apartments if there is mutual agreement from all the house owners and from apartment association this can be rooftop community solar.   

           Eg. Brigade Petunia Bangalore’s first apartment to run 100% of their common area on solar power.

  • As demand for solar pv is increasing, many communities will look forward to install solar.
  • As there is new policy of no net-metering above 10kw and only gross metering is allowed over 10kw which will be implemented in a short span  this is the best time to install solar at their communities and apartments as well. Because net-metering is much beneficial compared to gross-metering.