"What is solar fencing?"

Posted: August 1, 2021,

What is Solar fencing?

Security has become a major concern in today’s time and ensuring the safety of one’s property, crops, factories, and residential areas like villa and apartments, etc. Solar fencing is a modernised and unconventional method which is one of the best options of providing security as it is both effective as well as efficient. Not only does solar fencing guarantee the safety of one’s property, but it also uses renewable solar energy for its functioning. A solar fence works like an electric fence which delivers fierce shock when human beings or animals come in contact with the fence, while ensuring that no loss of life is caused.

Working principle of solar fencing system:

A solar fencing system starts when the solar module generates direct current from sunlight which is used to charge the system’s battery. Depending on sunlight hours and capacity, the system’s battery can generally last for as long as upto 1 week.

Energy stored in a battery is sent to controller, fencer and energizer. The primary function of the energizer is to produce pulses that are sharp and short-lived. These pulses are passed through the wires of the fencing system at a rate of around 1 pulse every 1-1.5 second with every pulse lasting for few microseconds, thus ensuring that no physical harm is caused to the intruder who attempts to come in contact with the solar fence.

Advantages of solar power fencing:

1. Environment-friendly Power - Solar powered electric fences are environmentally friendly.

By powering them with sunlight, you’re not burning fossil fuels to maintain your

fence line.

2. Days of Use Without the Sun - When fully charged, solar powered fence

energizers store enough battery life to last up to one week without any sunlight


3. No More Utility Bills - Your solar fence charger isn’t going to add to your utility

costs. Sunlight is free!

4. Use in Remote Areas - A solar electric fence can be used in remote areas and

require no operating costs.

5. Help with Distant Fencing - Some farm properties are big – so big that it’s cost-prohibitive

to run power lines to those far-off corners. A solar fencer reaches every

inch of your land.

6. Low maintenance - Once your fence is properly installed and your stock are

trained, the maintenance requirements of electric fencing are little different from

conventional fences. A daily check on the voltage will highlight any problems with

a periodic inspection of vegetation approaching the fence lines.

Components of a solar fencing system:  

  • Battery
  • Charge control unit
  • Energizer
  • Fence voltage alarm
  • Photovoltaic module


Areas where it can be installed:

Solar fencing has a wide scope of application and can be used at places like:

  • Domestic applications such as residential homes
  • Industrial applications such as factories
  • Agricultural applications such as in farms and forests
  • Parks & Zoos
  • Military stations
  • Schools & hospitals

Images from our fencing project.