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Project type On-grid hybrid Off-grid
Description 1. Solar energy generated is directly supplied to BESCOM i.e no local consumption. Generation and consumption is tallied at the end of the month and bill is generated.
2. types: 1) Net-metering: Bill = consumption - generation; 2) Gross- metering: Bill = actual bill - generated units *feed in tariff rate.
1. Existing BESCOM connection.
2. High electricity consumption
devices such as AC is connected to BESCOM.
3. Other devices are connected to solar + batteries system.
1. No BESOM connection required
2. All electricity requirements met with solar panels + batteries.
Target customers Commercial and industrial buildings that have lot of rooftop spaces Home owners looking to offset their electricity requirements with solar Commercial complex owners who do not want to obtain BESCOM connection due to high upfront cost.
Pros ROI for net-metering is very good 20% +, factoring in government tax benefits, ROI could be as high as 30% + 1. Achieve cost savings while also having BESOM for heavy and unexpected loads.
2. No need to invest in ups since the batteries usually provide backup for 24 hrs.
1. Time saving for customers since they do not need to obtain BESCOM connection.
2. Additional revenue stream from tenants electricity payments.
Cons BESCOM paper work requires quite an effort. ROI is lower compared to ob-grid net metered system 1. Higher upfront cost compared to other 2 options. This is offset by not needing to pay for BESCOM connection.
2. Not recommendation if customers has vert high electricity consumption appliances such as centralised AC.

1) On-grid

2) Hybrid

3) Off-grid