Why solar

Why solar?

Solar panel costs have been falling sharply over the past 5 years such that it is now cheaper to produce your own electricity directly from the sun rather than from your electricity distribution company (for ex. BESCOM).
This is revolutionizing the electricity markets in the West. It’s time for India now to embrace this revolution.
Following are the advantages of a rooftop solar PV system:

  1. Mitigate the risk of untimely power shutdown from the electricity company
  2. Advertise this as a key differentiator for your property, i.e. gain some green credentials
  3. Mitigate against climate change. India still relies for more than 60% of it’s electricity requirements on fossil fuels, primarily coal. As it be seen from the below chart, our coal addiction is not going away anytime soon.By undertaking a solar project you will make a significant contribution towards the betterment of India & the next generation.


We provide a complete solution i.e. both technical & financial after assessing your situation. We follow these steps to deploy the suitable solar PV system

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