Energy Efficiency

Heat Pumps

Did you know that heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient ways to produce hot water? This is of course, besides the solar water heater, but heat pumps are not affected by the absence sun shine. So in that sense they are better than solar water heaters.

For example, an entry-level residential hold heat pump takes 1.2 units of energy & outputs 4.64 units of energy! You might ask, is this black magic? What about law of conservation of energy?

The short answer is that heat pumps use the input energy to concentrate & shift heat & not to produce heat as in a heater coil.

We at Ibex Solar install various types of heat pumps suiting customer requirement. Here are few sample installations:

1) Stand-alone heat pump for residential usage

2) Heat pump connected to a solar water heater system – the advantage of this system is that hot water produced by the solar system is input to the heat pump thereby largely reducing the heating requirement from the heat pump. The heat pump automatically turns on if the water temperature is below a certain celcius

3) Commercial installations with custom made hot water tanks of 1,500/2,000 litres capacity