Are you tired of

  1. Endless hikes in electricity bills?
  2. Random power cuts interrupting your work or Netflix binging?
  3. Concerned about the impending doom of Climate Change & want to something about it?

A rooftop solar solution will help you address all the above issues.

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At a high level, you can choose from the following installation types

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Grid-Tie System

Reduce Costs

Recommended if electricity bill reduction is the sole objective. It requires approval from your local electricity supply company, so it execution requires more time

Cost Saving & Backup Solution

Grid-Tie Hybrid System

Hybrid Advantage

Recommended if your objective is to both save on electricity bills by exporting to the grid as well as have back-up incase of power cut. This installation besides being time consuming due to electricity supply company approvals will be also more expensive since batteries will be also required. But the overall cost will be lesser than purchasing a separate UPS inverter system since the solar inverter will function as a UPS inverter as well

Hybrid System With No Grid Export

Quick Setup

Recommended if your primary objective is to have a back-up source of electricity in case of electricity supply company power cuts. Cost savings will be lesser than the grid-tie options but on the other hand, the installation will be much faster since electricity supply company approvals are not required

Go Green

Off-Grid systems

Sustainibility Focus

These systems can be installed when there is no electricity source for example in farmhouses that are far away from the grid. These systems require careful calculations of energy consumption & adding extra capacity to handle inclement weather

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